A good opinion essay allows the individuals to elaborate their viewpoints in such a way that encourages the reader to think critically. However, in order to write such an effective piece of writing, paper writer needs to choose their topic wisely.

A good and persuasive topic plays a significant role in writing, as it allows the writer to arrange his/her material in a comprehensive manner. Writing a piece that strictly follows the literary guidelines could prove to be an extremely difficult job. However, choosing a topic that clearly resonates with your writing style makes it easy for the respective writer to develop a flow in his writing and present the essence of his thoughts in all their entirety.

With all that has happened in the previous, as well as, this year, there are hundreds of topics on which the students, as well as the teachers, can write easily. Essaywriter.college considers such topics for their own writing pieces. However, the fact must be understood that a good opinion essay topic needs to address such issues which invoke critical thinking abilities among the readers. Some of the thought-provoking essays includes:

  1. Is technology really assisting mankind or just making them a slave of modern gadgets?
  2. Considering the current situation of the pandemic, would it be wise to make homeschooling imperative for the students?
  3. With the prevalence of the capitalistic model, has the gap between rich and poor tiers of society increased or decreased?
  4. Has the death penalty proven effective in the reduction of crime from society?
  5. Keeping animals in the zoo is considered cruel by some while others see it as a source of amusement; keeping that in mind, is it humane to keep animals in the zoo?
  6. Is child labor really a form of exploitation, or an opportunity to produce well-developed business mindsets?
  7. Why is democracy considered the best form of government over all other forms?
  8. Have social media applications brought people closer or created a gap among the individuals?
  9. The success of a person is more dependent on hard work than his/her luck. Do you agree with this statement or not?
  10. In your opinion, is it necessary to declare school uniforms compulsory for the students?
  11. Considering the changing trends of the contemporary world, would it be beneficial to prefer the rural lifestyle instead of an urban one?
  12. Has modernization made this world a better place or has contributed to its demise?
  13. Do you think that in order to provide education to each and every individual, college education needs to be made free?
  14. Do you think studying independently could be more effective than studying in groups?
  15. Do you think the violence depicted on television is becoming a primitive cause of the increasing crime rate in society?
  16. Is it wise for the government to spend more on highways and roads than on education and healthcare?
  17. Are student textbooks being replaced by the inclusion of modern technologies in schools and colleges?
  18. With the growing population, the demands of the people are also increasing. Is it imperative to cut down the forests to meet the food and shelter needs of the individuals?
  19. Would it be beneficial for the state to place their women on high-level posts?
  20. Are the children of today understanding technology more easily than their elders?
  21. Paper writing service unions are necessary to develop leaders for the future. Do you agree?
  22. Is it possible for video games to replace athletics and other sports?
  23. Do you think self-confidence plays a crucial role in one’s success in the professional sphere?
  24. Using animals for the purpose of scientific research is ethically, as well as, morally wrong. Do you agree?
  25. Should sex education be made mandatory in the schools or not?

Essay writing is often considered an arduous task. However, considering the above-mentioned opinion topics, students can write their essays by themselves or could refer to any quality essay writing service that could assist them in writing a comprehensive opinion piece of writing. Either way, this would allow the student to focus on some of the critical social, political, and academic ventures of the contemporary world.

These topics could play a huge role in enhancing the thinking abilities of the students, as well as, the teachers. Moreover, this could allow the writers to present their views and thoughts on those issues which are generally neglected by the society. However, all these outcomes would be possible if the writer selects a topic that intrigues his/her readers. Students need to remain cognizant of the fact that there is a myriad of topics on which they can present their opinions. It is not imperative to incline only to the above-mentioned opinion topic.

There is no such magical technique to select any adequate topic, writers could write on any matter that they deem controversial. One could satisfactorily decide that “I would write my essay on gender equality or climate change” depending on the facts that he/she has gathered from various sources. Choosing any topic significantly depends upon the gathered material, as well as, the writing style of the individual; however, writing on the contemporary topics as mentioned above will surely attract more audience.

It is imperative for each and every student to master the art of essay writing. It would prove to be beneficial for them in their academic career. However, they need to learn the art of choosing the topic that suits their abilities to write my paper. Hopefully, the above-mentioned essay topics are enough for any college student to learn the skill of effective writing.

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